Starting up points!

So, what you need to do is go Prizerebel home page and you should see this:


Now all you do is do all the "" surveys. 


When you click on it, you should always get these two things:

 Fill this one out withthe email you signed up with and a postcode in your area (not you real one)



Click "yes" to the offers, tick the box to say you agree and then press "Enter To Win!"


 Now all you do is click "no" to all offers untill you get to the offers that are the same as the ones in the image above. For this, just click yes to one the keep going untill you reach the end.


Once you're done, a message like this should come up:

Now close the page, refresh Prize Rebel and you'll have your points!

Remember to delete your cookies after everyone you do before starting a new survey!



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